New OnePlus 8 Pro leak reaffirms design and claims 120Hz display refresh rate


The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are definitely on the horizon and in fact, approaching pretty fast. As per the latest industry insider info, we can expect to see the pair some tine in late March or in April.

A fresh new leak claims to have a render of the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro, alongside a few specs points. Some of these pretty obvious and easy to deduce, while others rather interesting.

Looking at the render first, since it ended up offering that last little convincing we needed to at least give this otherwise rather suspicious leak the benefit of the doubt. The back of the OnePlus 8 Pro, as pictured, actually matches an earlier set of renders from a different source. Only, this time, the color is different. Granted, not necessarily the most believable, but whoever created the render still did their homework one way or another. The 3D ToF and supporting camera sensors are in a little strip to the left of the main triple camera. At least on the surface, things check out.

Moving on to the specs sheet then, we have the fairly obvious Snapdragon 865 and Android 10 bits. The memory options are neither here nor there, honestly. 128GB or 256GB with 8GB of RAM is a perfectly valid guess. Perhaps 12GB is a possibility as well. OnePlus could even jump on the increasingly popular train of showing-off with a 16GB tier. That sounds like a perfect match for a new McLaren edition. Our point being that memory is relatively easy to bump up or down even at a very late development stage

Things do start to get interesting in the display department. 6.5 inches sounds believable, but previous leaks have also suggested 6.65 inches on the Pro and 6.5 inches for the regular OnePlus 8. Then again, that particular source is rather old and also mentions a 90Hz display, like on the current OnePlus generation. Since then, we have had a multitude of leaks and even official teasers suggesting that the OnePlus 8 Pro will feature 120Hz refresh rate display. Better still, one that can achieve the high refresh rate at a QHD resolution. The new source seems to get that part right, even if the information is already out there and pretty-much confirmed at this point.

And last, but not least, we have the 4,500 mAh battery – which sounds perfectly believable, alongside 50W charging. Presumably Warp Charge 50, if current branding is used. Honestly, that part is absolutely plausible as well and quite exciting. We first saw a 50W charging solution from OnePlus’ parent BBK Electronics group all the way back in 2018 on the Oppo Find X Lamborghini. And, more recently, the Realme X2 Pro actually ships the feature to users. We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed, even if we still choose to take this particular leak with a pinch of salt.


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