Gaming: PUBG Mobile Addiction leads to a 20-Year-Old Drinking Chemical By Mistake Instead of Water While Playing

The 20-year-old man died onboard a train after he mistook a bottle of chemical for water and consumed it.

A man died after drinking chemical instead of water while playing mobile game Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG). He was travelling on a train and mistook a bottle of chemical for water and consumed it.

Saurabh, 20, was so busy playing the game with his friend that he mistakenly drank from a bottle containing chemical instead of the bottle which had water. Both the bottles were in his bag.

He was travelling on board the Swarn Jayanti train when the incident occurred.

Saurabh, who was a resident of Chandrabali Naka Jhansi Road in Gwalior, died after drinking the chemical as no medical help was available on the train. His body was later brought to Agra Cantonment railway station at 5 am.

The incident took place when Saurabh and his friend Santosh Sharma started playing PUBG while they were travelling to Delhi on Wednesday.

Sharing details of the incident with IndiaToday, Santosh Kumar said Saurabh was busy playing PUBG and did not even look into his bag while fetching the bottle containing water. He picked the bottle containing the chemical and drank from it.

While Saurabh realised after drinking a small amount that he drank chemical instead of water. He called for help and pulled the chain to stop the train. After 10 minutes, a guard came to investigate and told Santosh that there is no doctor on the train.

By the time they reached Agra Cantonment railway station, Saurabh was already dead, according to a doctor. Santosh, who has not been able to recover from the shock, said he will never play the game again.

Commenting on the incident, social activist Deep Sharma said the absence of doctors and paramedical staff on the train was surprising as the railway minister had assured proper arrangement of such provisions on trains prying long routes.

He added that there have been many other incidents where train passengers have died as they did not receive any emergency treatment.

Sharma also said the game PUBG is very dangerous and likened it to the “Blue Whale” challenge, a social network task-based game that allegedly led to many suicides, especially among teens and young adults.

The social activist concluded with a piece of advice for parents. “Earlier, during the Blue Whale game, children have taken dangerous steps like self-murder. In the same way, the dangerous results of PUBG game are coming out. Parents should focus on their children,” Sharma said.

News Courtesy: IndiaToday
Only news headline has been updated with no change in content

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