Apple iPhone XR top selling phone globally every quarter from Q4 2018 till Q3 2019

A report published by Counterpoint research has shown the iPhone XR to be the top selling phone for Q3 2019, accounting for almost 3.0% of all phones sold worldwide. The XR was took the position as Apple’s most sold ever phone model till date, contributing to over one-quarter of the total Apple sales during the Q3 2019.

The iPhone XR was definitely a winner in Apple’s history of the iPhone, a phone that sacrificed little from the more premium iPhone Xs with a much lower price. Apple also boosted sales in key markets like China and other regions by adjusting its price accordingly.

In the top 10 for Q3 2019, Samsung had 3 models but none of them were its flagship models. Instead, it turned out to be its budget A series, specifically the A10, A50 and the A20 that turned out to be Samsung’s most sold phone this quarter. The sales were driven with the excellent value offered in these phones with its multiple camera setups and decent internal specs.

OPPO also had 3 devices in the top 10 as its A9, A5s and A5 proved to be popular in China and other regions. Huawei P30 also made an appearance but will likely not hold its position as the newer models do not have Google Mobile Services. Xiaomi claimed the 9th spot as the Redmi 7A had excellent sales in India.

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