TRAI changes DTH rules, NCF charges for 200 channels now slashed to Rs 130: Here are all the changes

The TRAI has made some amendments to the DTH rules in favour of consumer benefits. TRAI has reduced the NCF charges as well as allowed discounts on long-term plans.


  • TRAI has made amendments to the DTH and cable TV regulations.
  • The NCF price of Rs 130 will now include up to 200 channels.
  • Operators are mandated to revise prices of their channel bouquets.

Early last year, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had changed the DTH and Cable TV regulation massively in pursuit of fair system for all the stakeholders in the industry. However, once the changes were made, the new system was blamed to increase the prices massively for all consumers. Hence, TRAI announced that it would make some amendments to prices and the new rules to make it more customer-friendly. The new amendments have just been released and it aims to iron out some of the previous complaints.

The latest amendment to the TRAI DTH and cable TV regulations have brought down prices of the Network Capacity Fee (NCF) as well as allowing operators to provide discounts for their long-term plans. Changes have also been made to the multi-TV connection regulations as well as to the pricing of the bouquets. The new changes have once again taken into consideration the concerns of the consumers and the broadcasters.

Here’s a complete rundown of all the amendments that TRAI has made to the DTH and Cable TV regulations.

Changes to DTH and Cable TV regulations 2020

-The biggest change that will help consumers is lowered NCF. Previously, a sum of Rs 130 was applicable for all free-to-air channels and consumers needed to pay more in order to watch additional channels over this. Now, consumers will pay Rs 130 as NCF charge but will be entitled to get 200 channels. The best part is that the quota of 200 channels will exclude all the channels that gave been made compulsory by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Operators have also been mandated to not charge more than Rs 160 per month for giving all channels available on their platform.

-When it comes to the channel bouquet, TRAI has also made changes there as well. TRAI mandates that a channel bouquet offered by the operator shouldn’t be 1.5 times more expensive than the sum of those selected channels when bough under the a-la-carte way. Additionally, the average rate of a paid channel in the bouquet shouldn’t be three times more expensive than it’s a-la-carte rate.

-For broadcasters, their channel bouquets will only contain those channels that have a price of less Rs 12. For those channels priced more than Rs 12, consumers will have to choose them separately. -TRAI has decided that in case of a multi-TV connection registered to one subscriber, they will be charged a maximum of 40 per cent of declared NCF for second and additional TV connections.

-TRAI also says that operators will be able to offer discounts on long terms plane longer than 6 months and more.

When will the new regulations be implemented?

TRAI has mandated all broadcasters to reflect changes made to the price of pay channels for a-la-carte and bouquets by January 15 whereas operators are required to show the updated prices by January 30. Consumers will be able to see the new changes reflected from March 1.

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