Facebook won’t be same anymore, Redesigned Desktop Interface, Rolling Out to Few Users, More Widely Available in Spring 2020

Facebook has been working on its redesigned desktop interface for over a year now.


  • Facebook’s new design is rolling out to a small number of users
  • Everyone else will get the redesigned Facebook website by April 2020
  • The new website will offer a dark mode as well

In April last year, Facebook revealed its plans for a major redesign coming to the desktop. The fresh design is now reportedly rolling out to a small number of users. Other users will receive the new Facebook redesign by April this year, according to a report. Facebook’s new design was being tested internally earlier, before being rolled out to a small group of users. The social networking giant is calling the redesign ‘The New Facebook’. The new design is supposed to focus on Facebook’s other offerings, apart from the existing Newsfeed-centric design.

Facebook's Redesigned Desktop Interface Rolling Out to Few Users, More Widely Available in Spring 2020: Report

According to a report by Cnet, Facebook has started offering early access to its redesigned desktop website to a small number of users.

The fresh design brings about a number of changes to the user interface with a slight minimalistic appeal. Users can opt-in to ‘The New Facebook’ and go back to the old design any time they want, for now. Facebook has also confirmed to CNET that other Facebook users will receive the redesigned Facebook interface on the desktop by spring 2020.


Facebook is letting users pick from a white or dark background. This is the first time Facebook will offer a dark mode on its website. The company will also ask users for their feedback, and make relevant changes before rolling out the new design to everyone else. Facebook had earlier said that it will release its new desktop experience last year.

The news comes at a time when Facebook is battling misinformation and privacy issues. The social networking giant recently announced its plans to handle deep fake videos, which didn’t quite please US lawmakers. The company has been under fire for quite some time on the way it deals with misinformation on its platform.

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