JioFiber Data Vouchers Start at Rs 101 and Offer Up to a Whopping 2000GB Benefit

Reliance Jio is offering a total of six Data Vouchers to the paid JioFiber users and the vouchers in question are Rs 101, Rs 251, Rs 501, Rs 1,001, Rs 2,001 and Rs 4,001

Reliance Jio is currently in the process of migrating its Preview users to paid plans. At the same time, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is coming up with all the solutions required for a commercial broadband operator. Reliance JioFiber is now offering ‘Data Vouchers’ to the customers and they start at just Rs 101. Basically, Data Vouchers can also be referred as data top-ups which users can make full use of when their data limit for the current month exhaust. Similar to its telecom Data Vouchers, the JioFiber vouchers also start at Rs 101 and they go all the way up to Rs 4,001, providing a whopping 2000GB or 2TB extra data benefit to the customers. The validity of these data vouchers will be equal to the JioFiber plan validity of the customer. JioFiber paid customers can recharge these data vouchers by heading over to My Jio app or the company’s website after logging into the JioFiber account.

JioFiber Data Vouchers Detailed: Rs 101 Starting Price and More

Aforesaid, Reliance Jio is offering a total of six Data Vouchers to the paid JioFiber users. The six vouchers in question are Rs 101, Rs 251, Rs 501, Rs 1,001, Rs 2,001 and Rs 4,001. As for the benefits, the Rs 101 Data Vouchers offers 20GB data benefit, Rs 251 voucher comes with 55GB data and the Rs 501 voucher ships with 125GB data benefit.

The Rs 1,001 JioFiber Data Voucher offers a user 275GB data, followed by the Rs 2,001 and Rs 4,001 vouchers with 650GB and 2000GB (2TB) data benefit, respectively. The validity of these data vouchers is equal to the validity of the existing plan.

For example, if you are on a Rs 699 JioFiber plan which expires on December 24, 2019, and if you recharge any of the data vouchers mentioned above, then the validity of the data voucher will also be till December 24. Even if you perform the Rs 4,001 data voucher recharge, it will expire on December 24 itself. Sadly, JioFiber is not offering any data carry forward feature to the users at the moment like Spectra, You Broadband and other local ISPs.

JioFiber Data Vouchers Come in Handy for Basic Plan Users

Reliance Jio was unable to make a mark in the broadband industry because of the sub-par plans. All the JioFiber plans have a FUP limit, especially the plans priced below Rs 1,000 have a FUP limit which doesn’t inspire confidence at all. The Rs 699 JioFiber Bronze plan comes with 100 Mbps speeds and just 150GB of FUP limit, post which the speeds will be reduced. This is something annoying a lot of users from opting JioFiber.

The newly launched JioFiber Data Vouchers will come in really handy for the basic JioFiber plan users. The Rs 501 voucher offers 125GB of data benefit, which is almost equal to the monthly data benefit provided by the Rs 699 JioFiber plan.

ACT Fibernet Also Providing Data Top-Ups to the Users

Another ISP which is currently providing top-up data vouchers to the customers is ACT Fibernet. FlexyBytes+ is what ACT Fibernet calling its data vouchers. The company currently has five of them priced at Rs Rs 225, Rs 400, Rs 600, Rs 1,250 and Rs 2,500, providing up to 500GB data. In contrast, JioFiber data voucher of Rs 2,001 comes with 650GB data, so clear Jio has the upper hand in this regard when compared to ACT Fibernet.

However, the validity of FlexyBytes+ is three months from the date of recharge after which the remaining data balance will lapse, unlike JioFiber, which is providing just validity of the primary plan.

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