Jio Now Offering Hotstar, Voot and 2 More OTT App Subscriptions at No Extra Cost to JioFiber Users

JioFiber is providing the OTT app subscriptions with plans priced over Rs 849, whereas the base plan comes with just JioCinema and JioSaavn OTT service subscriptions

Reliance Jio has finally given some clarification regarding the OTT apps subscription which JioFiber users will be getting with paid plans. To recall, in August this year, Mukesh Ambani announced that the JioFiber commercial plans would come with OTT apps subscriptions, but the company did not dive into the more details. And now, there’s an official update from Reliance Jio. Reliance JioFiber paid plan users on at least Gold plan will get access to four premium OTT app subscriptions at no extra cost. The company also says that many more OTT subscriptions are coming soon to the platform. These subscriptions will be provided to JioFiber users via the Jio 4K Set-Top Box which is also being made available to the users in various cities. With these OTT service subscriptions, a new JioFiber connection makes sense now, but again, the choice is very limited for now as the ISP is working on with other content providers as well.

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JioFiber OTT App Subscriptions Can Be Availed via Jio Set-Top Box

Reliance Jio is currently in the process of migrating the Preview offer JioFiber users to paid plans. Every JioFiber user with a Preview plan will be migrated to a paid plan by the end of this month. When Jio announced its 4K Set-Top Box and commercial plans, not many details were provided by the company. But slowly, we got to know about the Jio Set-Top Box and how it works. And now, we have official information regarding the OTT service subscriptions being provided to JioFiber paid plan users.

Reliance JioFiber users get access to Hotstar, SonyLIV, Voot and JioCinema subscriptions as part of their JioFiber plan. And the company says ZEE5 and SunNXT subscriptions will also be provided in the coming days. As for Hotstar, Jio is offering Hotstar VIP membership worth Rs 365 and not the full-fledged Hotstar Premium membership that costs Rs 999 per year.

As we have detailed in the past, Reliance Jio Set-Top Box comes with an app called ‘JioTV+,’ and these OTT app subscriptions can be availed inside the STB. Basically, JioTV+ is a content aggregator platform that brings content from various app together. Also, the Jio STB comes preinstalled with the above-mentioned OTT apps. At the moment, we are not sure whether these OTT subscriptions can be used on any other mobile/TV/desktop.

JioFiber OTT App Subscriptions: Eligible Plans Detailed

Reliance Jio is currently offering a total of six JioFiber plans to the customers and they start at Rs 699. JioFiber is providing the OTT app subscriptions with plans priced over Rs 849. The base plan of Rs 699 comes with JioCinema and JioSaavn subscriptions and that too for three times only. For example, JioFiber users opting for the Rs 699 plan on a monthly basis will get the JioCinema and JioSaavn subscriptions for the first three times only. The same case applies to Rs 849 JioFiber plan as all the OTT app subscriptions will be provided for the first three times only.

The Rs 699 JioFiber plan will not provide any premium OTT app subscriptions even if the user chooses it for one year. So the best option is to choose the Rs 849 or above JioFiber plan, but again, to enjoy the best benefits, we suggest you get the Rs 1,249 JioFiber Gold plan.

There’s no doubt that the OTT service subscriptions list will grow on JioFiber network, but we’re expecting the company to revise the plans and make them attractive to the users.

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