Realme Fitness Band spotted, features a curved display

Realme has teased its upcoming fitness band in India for a while now and recently the company announced that it will finally be launching the product in February 2020. Now, the Realme Fitness Band has been spotted in the wild.

Previously, Realme had only teased its fitness band and had just revealed it’s signature yellow colored strap. According to the source, the company’s fitness band was spotted in the Spanish Visa office in New Delhi, India, and was worn by Madhav Sheth, the CEO of Realme India. In the image captured, the Realme fitness band can be seen with a similar yellow strap that had been teased before

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Looking at the image, the upcoming Realme fitness band features a curved display. Reportedly, it was first spotted with its display turned off, making it unknown whether it will be a colored AMOLED panel or utilize another display technology. Furthermore,  the fitness band rival alternatives like Honor Band series or Mi Band series from Chinese tech giants like Huawei and Xiaomi, respectively, in the budget segment of wearables.

The design of the Realme fitness band resembles the Honor Band and Fitbit Inspire while the strap doesn’t wrap around the display, unlike the Mi Band series. Rather, the strap attaches to the display body. Unfortunately, finer details regarding the specs and features of the Realme fitness band are still unknown, including the software and user interface as well.

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